Rushden: Our weekly update

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Rushden: Our weekly update

This week we have had plenty of new faces in the studio, it has been an absolute pleasure. Many designs coming through, chosen and put together by both the customers and the artists. So, loads of personal pieces done this week, delicate ankle pieces to real life paw prints of people’s pets! How cool is that, to have your pet tattooed on your body?! 

Mark had a fantastic day with Pete in the studio, doing a bicep piece of a Great White Shark (not his pet). Pete sat like an absolute pro and the end result was amazing! The detail is just incredible, and Pete left super happy!

As always, we’ve also had lots of people through the door for new piercings, some people getting 4 done at once, so Brady has also been very busy with those!!

We have had several people book in for full day sessions to start a sleeve, leg or back piece. My goodness, some of these designs are incredible! Busy times ahead for Rushden, so watch this space and our Facebook profile for updates!

Here are some photos from last week: