Winslow: Ivan's tattoos

Winslow: Ivan's tattoos

Here, at the Winslow store we have been busy with some amazing pieces and
designs, the piece that has stood out is Ivan’s neck/head piece.

Ivan came to us last month and booked in to have a dove and eye piece done. Gloria then designed it following Ivan's instructions explaining exactly how he imagined it. The day session went really well and he laid down all day extremely well making. Ivan made it look really easy to have this body part tattooed.

We love when clients leave the studio happy and satisfied with a top quality design that Gloria has done.

Ivan has already booked in for another day session to do some cover up work
and we really can't wait to start working on it and eventually to finish off all his ideas.

If you have any questions feel free to message or call the studio with tattoo or piercing enquiries!