Cancellation Policy

As part of making a booking for a Tattoo with Manhattan Ink we will require a deposit for your agreed appointment. If you do not show up for your Tattoo appointment, you will lose your deposit and this will be kept by the studio of which your original appointment was booked.  The deposit covers the artist’s preparation for the Tattoo before the appointment and the time lost due to cancellation.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call the studio as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact your branch by messaging them on Facebook or visiting our studio pages on this website.


Manhattan Ink Aylesbury     01296 482703

Manhattan Ink Brackley       01280 706354

Manhattan Ink Chesham      01494 776721


Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel or re-arrange your appointment with 7 days of your booking. If you inform the studio of which your booking has been confirmed within 7 days prior to your appointment, you can move your appointment free of charge to another date that suits you. We only allow one free change of appointment. If you move your appointment more than once your deposit will be forfeited.
If you’re unable to provide 7 day’s notice for your booking and decide to cancel or move your appointment, you will lose the full amount of your deposit.

If you need to re-book the tattoo, another deposit will need to be paid to hold the new booking.

If the appointed artist is not available on the date of your appointment, we will inform you and offer to either move your appointment to another convenient date and time free of charge. Alternatively, you will be provided with the option of receiving your deposit back in vouchers to spend in any Manhattan Ink branch.

Please be aware that our artists can take bookings months in advance. If you do cancel or reschedule, your new appointment may occur later depending on availability.

We do NOT provide cash refunds.